Enhancing Ground Investigation Teamwork

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision” 
Andrew Carnegie

Efficient teamwork is the most prominent way to achieve our goals. Whether in sports, arts or engineering a properly collaborating team is the surest way to get to the end, in the best and fastest way. Quite often though, for a team to function properly, it needs to have the right tools. This is especially true in the engineering profession.

Drillysis is in its foundation designed as an application to help team members work together and always be in sync. Drilling and borehole ground investigation are certainly not a single person job. So we wanted to help the geologist on the field and the engineer in the office to be able to collaborate without the hassle of documents, notes and photos going back and forth. Continue reading “Enhancing Ground Investigation Teamwork”

Easily Managing Borehole Log Templates

If you are a geologist or geotechnical engineer that has used borehole logging software, chances are that you too must have been frustrated at some point with the available log templates (or lack thereof). So, what is the problem with templates, one might ask?

Well, in some cases the problem is that borehole logging software provides the user with a predefined set of templates to select from. If one of these templates suits your needs, you might be alright. But what if it doesn’t?

In some cases the software vendor provides the service to order customized templates from them, for which you often have to pay extra.

Log template sampleSome software applications allow you to create your own templates. This is not enough on it’s own.  What is important is how easily can you make and modify your own templates. Furthermore, do you have the ability to modify the template while you are editing your borehole log? Continue reading “Easily Managing Borehole Log Templates”