Easily Managing Borehole Log Templates

If you are a geologist or geotechnical engineer that has used borehole logging software, chances are that you too must have been frustrated at some point with the available log templates (or lack thereof). So, what is the problem with templates, one might ask?

Well, in some cases the problem is that borehole logging software provides the user with a predefined set of templates to select from. If one of these templates suits your needs, you might be alright. But what if it doesn’t?

In some cases the software vendor provides the service to order customized templates from them, for which you often have to pay extra.

Log template sampleSome software applications allow you to create your own templates. This is not enough on it’s own.  What is important is how easily can you make and modify your own templates. Furthermore, do you have the ability to modify the template while you are editing your borehole log?

When researching the market for borehole logging software we found that only a few packages provide users with the ability to create custom templates. Unfortunately, most of those applications did not provide much functionality in terms of template editing.

So one problem we were determined to solve with Drillysis, was to give the ability to the users to modify their templates as they please, easily and in real time so they can decide for themselves if the actual outcome is what they were aiming for.

In Drillysis, you can easily create and modify your log templates anytime you like. We provide quite a few options regarding templates. For instance, you can:

  • Create your own log templates in just a few clicks.
  • Modify your templates even while you are editing the borehole, without messing up the data.
  • Select from a list of provided templates, ready made to cover a range of requirements.
  • Modify any of these predefined templates and store them in order to suit your particular needs
  • Extract log templates for already created borehole logs
  • Even if you have applied a template to a log, you can modify some of it’s aspects on the particular log, without messing with the actual template.
  • You can easily move columns left and right, change their width, hide or unhide columns until you come up with the optimum result.

Easily editing borehole log templatesMost importantly, you can do all that with just a few clicks of the mouse, and see the results in real time.




But you can check that out for yourselves. You can register for a free trial of Drillysis and start experimenting with all its functionality.

Create and edit your templates, apply them to your logs and see how easy it really is!

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  1. This software is suitable for our student of water resources engineering department in College of water resources and Environmental Engineering.
    Sudan University of Science and Technology.
    Please if you don’t mine give a copy of this software for students lab.

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