Data Export, Usability improvements and more…

We shipped an updated version of Drillysis yesterday which includes a couple of new features as well as a few improvements in the user experience.

Log Data Export

A feature that was often requested by users of Drillysis was an export of the Logs Data. So, we implemented data export in excel format. Excel files are perhaps the most popular format for collaboration among users and thus it was clear for us when choosing the most appropriate format to export the data to.

As most features of Drillysis, Log Data Export is really easy to do. Users just have to go to the “Log Preview” page, where they will see new “Tools” button menu.

Among other options (which we’ll describe later on in this post), you can see the “Export data to Excel” option. Once the user clicks on that option, he/she will be presented with a popup dialog to select the columns of the log and their corresponding fields to be added in the export.

The default selection is to export all the columns and all fields, so that the user will receive an excel file that contains all the data of the selected log. However, if the user needs to export just a subset of the data, e.g. only the SPT column and its Blow Count values, all he/she has to do is “uncheck” all other options and leave only “Standard Penetration Test” and the “N*” value files checked.

Once the user has selected all required columns and fields to be exported and clicks on “Export Data”, the browser will present a “Download File” prompt. This will be the excel file with all the exported data.

Easier Log Formatting

One of the most important features of Drillysis as a borehole logging application is the ease of Log formatting. Drillysis users are not restricted to predefined Log templates, instead they can easily create and modify their own (or some of the predefined ones) and store them for later use as well. Even with the log data added, the user can change the log format with just a few clicks. With this update, it has become even easier in the Web Application as well.

In the “Log Preview” section of the application, the user has two new options in the “Tools” options menu, “Optimize Column Widths” and “Change Column Widths”.

“Optimize Column Widths” automatically adjusts the with of each column in the log, so that it will be the best fit for the selected paper size and orientation.


“Change Column Widths” allow the user to change the with of one or more columns so that the best fit can be achieved manually. Once the user selects the “Change Column Widths” option, he/she is presented with a popup dialog that contains a list of all the columns present in the log with their corresponding widths.

The user can then adjust each and every column’s width until the reach the most satisfying result. Once the user clicks on “Apply Widths” the log will be refreshed and be rendered with the selected widths for each column.

Up to now, this functionality was only available in the Drillysis Windows App, which does it even better since the log is rendered real time and the user can modify the column widths and see the change immediately.

Save copies of Logs

With this update of Drillysis, users can make copies of their Log records in both Web and Windows Apps. When copying a log, all the log’s attributes, format and data are being copied. Once a copy is created the user can then modify any of the data or formatting he/she desires. This is really useful in cases where we have nearby boreholes for example where most of the data are the same, with just a few differences. Instead of creating a new Log from scratch and adding all the data, the user can now create a copy and change only what needs changing.

In the Web application, the copy option is available on the “Tools” options menu in the “Preview Log” page, whereas on the Windows App it is under “File” -> “Save a copy”.

Once the user selects the option, the application will present a “Copy” dialog where the user needs to specify a name for the new copy of the Log, as well as an option to save the copy under a different project if this is required.

By default, the copy is saved under the same project but if the users needs to save the copy under a different project, he/she can select it from the project list available in the copy Dialog.

Once the user submits the information for the new copy, the application creates a complete copy of the Log and is ready for editing.

More to come…

Our aim is to constantly extend and improve Drillysis, so that it will be the best option for any user needing a borehole logging application. If you have used Drillysis and think it’s lacking something you need, let us know. If you have not yet used Drillyis, try it now for free!

A Web and a Windows app?

Drillysis has a Web and a Windows app for you to use. You can work on whichever one you prefer, or even both and the data are saved in the same place. So people often ask us “Why two apps?”

The reason behind this is that when designing Drillysis we wanted it to be both accessible from anywhere while being convenient for all types of users. Furthermore, we wanted to focus on the ease of use. So we decided to implement it on both platforms.

The web application is easy to use an you can access it via your browser on your desktop/laptop but even more important via your tablet and even your smartphone when you are out of the office. So you can easily use it to look at the data of a project/borehole log and even modify or add data.

The windows app, on the other hand, is only accessible via a windows desktop or laptop but has quite a few functionalities that we all as users have learned to use and love throughout our years as computer users. For example, it provides unlimited undo/redo functionality while editing the data!

Also, being based on windows it makes your work in adding and editing data a little more efficient since it provides faster data input.

One of the most convenient features of the windows app is that, since you are working directly on the log output, you can easily point to the specific depth you want to add data and double click on the column you want to edit. The corresponding dialog will popup and will have pre-selected the depth values and present you with the required controls to add the values you want to. You don’t have to go look for it yourself.

The most convenient feature of the windows app, however, is the management of the photographic column. Through the Drillysis windows app you can easily either:

  • drag-n-drop photos from your folder onto the column and have automatically added,
  • crop segments of a single photo, of let’s say a case of cores, and add them to the column, or
  • select photo/images and add them to the column via the default dialog

Since the main access point of Drillysis is the web application, we tried to make it as easy to use as well. Even though, some aspects are not as easy as in the windows app, it still easy really easy to add and edit data. It has a consistent approach to adding data in all column types, it is easy to add consecutive data values using just the keyboard and you can edit all the values just by clicking on them, without going back and forth to other pages.

Of course, we made sure that we have all the functionalities that define modern web applications. So you can easily search for your projects and boreholes, you can “navigate” through your data using typical web browser controls and of course it is responsive and mobile friendly.

So, web, windows or both, it is totally up to you how you choose to work. We’ll just make sure that it is up to your standards!

Try it now for yourselves… It’s free! Just visit and
register for a free trial. Once you register you can download the windows app and install it on your computer.

We’d love to hear what you think!

Nice to meet you!

So, here we are. This is Drillysis and we are pleased to make your acquaintance!

But what is Drillysis and what is it’s purpose? Well, at first glance, Drillysis is a cloud based borehole logging application. However, this is a huge understatement of what it actually is.

Let me take you a little back for a moment…

Being in the civil engineering profession for many years, we have worked with a whole lot of software applications to do our work. Some of them are great, some of them are more than you could ask for and some are… let me say it gently, not so great…

Almost all of them however had one thing in common. They were initially designed in earlier days of software and all their subsequent versions were walking along the same path. So you had to install the application on your desktop computer, save the files in your hard disk, keep track of your work and make sure you back it up along the way.

What about usability? This was another complex matter… Quite a few applications were developed with the purpose of solving difficult issues such as complex calculations and/or modelling and simulations. We were lucky enough to work with such applications and some of them really excel at their purpose. However some of them (if not most) were really difficult to work with, having a really steep learning curve.

All this time, apart from being engineers at work, we were also computer users who accessed the world wide web, started using smartphones and tablets and really enjoyed all the progress being made in the computing industry. Until the point where we started to “envy” the ease this progress provided to other professions.

And that’s when we decided to act.

When we started designing Drillysis here at Geosysta, we had a lot more than just borehole logging in mind. Our purpose was to take advantage of all the progress in computing and create applications that will make the everyday work/life of engineers a lot better. We set out to create a platform that would allow engineers to focus on their actual work and not have to worry about all the side tasks that need to be taken care of, in regards to the use of the software.

So what do you gain as a user of Drillysis?

For starters, you can work from anywhere you like. Be it at the office, in the field, at your home office or wherever else you have internet, you can do it. With just your username and password you can log on to Drillysis and access all your work easily.

Collaboration with your colleagues is immediate. Since all the work is stored centrally, your team can see all the changes as they happen. So you do not have to worry about which version of the file your colleague has or whether something has changed since you last worked on something. All the changes are there in front of you.

All your work is backed up daily, so you don’t have to worry about it being lost in some way. Our application is hosted on Amazon Web Services providing the guarantee of perhaps the major vendor of computing resources nowadays.

Plus, it’s really easy to use! You do not have to go through any steep learning curves and do not have to undergo long training sessions in order to be efficient. All you have to know is how to use a web browser and optionally to have used at least one windows application.

You can try it for yourself and see how easy it is! Go ahead, it’s free to try!

Borehole logging is only the first step. We have more coming up in the near future…